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How does it work? 3 easy steps


People report a collective problem or a risk situation in their town, neighborhood or organization. From a loose wire to a terrorist threat.


CityHeroes sends the report to the appropriate individuals. Whether it be police, fire personnel, neighbors, coworkers or even governments.

Resolve / Act

Everybody, including you can collaborate to help solve the problem. The organizations will receive the reports in real-time, with visual and geolocation information. This way they can act to resolve the problem quickly.

For companies, organizations, and government

How do we help your organization?

CityHeroes helps you stay connected with the people that matter the most. Clients, employees, citizens, and other people will be connected to your organization. You will be able to see the origin of the problems, generate alerts and keep communication flowing, saving time and money, and contributing to everybody's wellbeing!

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Exact location

Geolocation and visualization of areas of interest

Reports and statistics

All the information needed for decision making. Problems, actors, and events.

Real-time tracking

Alert management and continuous comunication with members and other institutions

Help your city become a safer place!

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